Opinion: Shrek Performance Proves Professional Quality

Vincenza Sciarabba

Tyler M., Staff Writer

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Over the weekend, all of the school Fine Arts departments came together for one performance: a musical. I expected nothing short of perfection – after all, this is Oak Mountain. We are blessed with a wonderful fine arts program at Oak Mountain, and when it all comes together to form a musical, one can expect only greatness from our fine students. All of the members of the musical have been working hard all year, and their efforts have paid off. I can promise that my expectations were met, even exceeded, if you will. Everything about the play was amazing: the music, the tech, the actors, the make-up. If you didn’t go to see this production, you were missing out! Never was there a dull moment, as the actors kept all of the audience laughing or on the edge of their seats. The transitions between sets were seamless, thanks to a wonderful tech crew. I’m not sure what next year’s musical is going to be, but you can highly count on me in attendance, and so should everyone else in the school!

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