Author Visits Oak Mountain High School

Author Visits Oak Mountain High School

Jada Bailey, Staff Writer

On November 13, Abbey Lenzie took the time to come down to Oak Mountain High School to share a little bit about her recently published novella, In the Desert. The novella was named the 2018 Plaza Literary Prize winner.

Lenzie read her first chapter and graciously answered questions that students had for her about writing and life in LA as a writer. It was very interesting to hear side jobs you can have while being a writer. She also gave insight into the film industry because her husband works with film doing side jobs including film making. This overall experience gave students a boost in considering writing as a possible career path.

Creative Writing student Mak Pate said that “it was very interesting and informative. It was inspiring for young authors to see someone connected to us that we felt like we could relate to and has actually had success.” David Trujillo, another Creative Writing student stated that “it was such an interesting event.”

Lenzie’s novella can be purchased on Amazon.