Things To Do This Fall


Jada Bailey, Staff Writer

So You’re Bored 

Autumn is a season unlike any other. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, harvest festivals, classic apple pie, carnivals and fairs, the whole shebang. Unfortunately in this day we tend to lack courage to interact with those around us, so we turn inwards, we check emails, news, we cycle through our music; we disengage. It’s so easy to let the traditional values slip through your mind in this day and age. So you’re here, in autumn, finding yourself bored. Here are some simple things that can spice up your fall. 

Let’s Start With the Basics 

Close your eyes, and think of an autumn day. Orange earthy tones, the smell of pine mixed with morning brew coffee, it’s all there. I personally make a long checklist of fun necessities for the season, but no extra measures like so is needed. Just start with some of your personal interests. 
 If you’re an outdoors type, this cool season is a great time to get out! Grab some buddies and go hiking, go out into your backyard and find the beautiful leaves of fall, or find you’re town pumpkin patch and go pumpkin picking. There’s something here for everyone.
If you tend to spend most seasons with the friends around you, there’s many events hosted in the fall. Every year Alabama hosts a state fair that’s filled with rides, games, and even a petting zoo. Fall is a perfect time to throw a seasonal party, even if it’s a simple movie marathon or tailgating for football games. 
If you’re the one who likes to stay inside, fall can still be just as  enjoyable. Snuggle up in a blanket, and find your favorite movies. Spend some time baking things such as classic apple pie, pumpkin-based recipes, and so on. Read a good book, take a scenic drive, make apple cider, the possibilities are endless. 

Just Enjoy It

Fall is a season no need to prepare for. Just spend some time enjoying it. Take some time out of your morning and feel the crisp air, invite some friends over to go pumpkin painting with you, decorate the house, or go stargazing.  Twelfth grader Raylee Patton “Watches Halloween Town, eats a lot of Pillsbury pumpkin cookies, spends time with around a fire, and goes hunting.” Find what you enjoy doing, and make a fun twist to fit into Alabama’s fall. It’s all in the worth of trying.