Happily Ever “After”

Happily Ever After

Krystin Williams, Staff Writer

Over the summer I had the pleasure of watching the movie “After.” The movie is based on a book series which was written after the author wrote fan fiction about Harry Styles under the same name.

The story is based around a girl named Tessa who goes to college, and meets a boy named Hardin through her roommate. They fall in love, and there are obviously complications, as with any other teenage romance movie.

I actually enjoyed this movie enough to watch it twice in one week, and it made me want to read the book series. The movie was cheesy at times, but I feel as if it had all of the elements to make it a good romantic drama, including the plot twist towards the end. A lot of articles say that the movie is bad, and it is showing a bad picture to teens of an abusive relationship. When I saw this, I believed it at first because they were right, but then I began to think about the movie and compare it to others. One movie that had a very close comparison was “10 Things I Hate About You” which was a movie released in 1999. This movie is about a girl named Kat that is very disliked by her fellow high school students because she is very blunt and can be rude at times. In the movie a boy named Patrick is paid to date Kat and take her to the prom, so another guy can take her sister. The plot is very similar to “After”, but “10 Things I Hate About You” is a “classic”, but “After” is a bad influence on teenagers?

Overall, I believe that the “After” series will be very successful, especially among the youth, and I believe it has a lot of potential. “After” was very successful already with three Teen Choice Award wins from the movie, and the box office revenue for the movie was about $69.5 million. “After” was a very good movie, and I would personally recommend it to anyone who enjoys the romantic drama genre of movies. Although it was not the perfect movie, and there are obviously flaws within it, I would give the movie a strong 8/10. Despite the many movie critics giving it a low score, the second movie to the “After” series is currently in production right now, and it will more than likely be released around the same time next year. Better watch the first one before, so when the second movie comes out you’ll be prepared for all the drama and shenanigans brought to us by Hardin and Tessa.