OMHS Student to Perform at Open Mic Night

OMHS Student to Perform at Open Mic Night

Halle T, Staff Writer

On November 8th, an open mic night for amateur stand-up comedians is taking place. Michael Ruffino, senior, will be participating in this competition. Many remember him from this year’s OMHS talent show doing his comedic impersonations, including Morgan Freeman and Patrick Star. Michael will be doing an extended, modified version of what he did at the talent show along with new bits of material.

“This winter, I was looking up new acts at the Comedy Club Stardome, and I saw that they were having an open mic night. I was basically like, ‘Sounds great, I think I’ll do that!’” Michael says. Michael has performed in front of others several times, and is definitely way more excited rather than nervous.

At this competition, the best way to get more laughs is to bring more of an audience, so Michael needs the support of the OMHS student body for his advantage. To support Michael, go to the Comedy Club Stardome at 7:30 on November 8th. Tickets are $8 and it is suggested that you purchase them in advance.

We wish Michael the best of luck!