Student Helps People Get Home During Snow Storm

Student Helps People Get Home During Snow Storm

Back in January, when the Birmingham “snowpacolypse” occurred, many had to abandon their cars to get around in the freezing cold and icy roads. The roads were laminated in thick layers of ice, which the cars could merely slide around on, never the less drive without flipping over or ramming into another car. Several roads were closed off, including those with routes to and from Oak Mountain High School. School was still in session when the snow and ice began to accumulate, and by the time of the early dismissal, it was already too late. The roads were almost impossible to navigate on.

“There were many wrecks and abandoned cars over the hill on Caldwell Mill, and Valleydale Road was completely blocked. It was a terrifying scene and looked like a war zone,” Ms. Jackie Plaia said. “The only way to navigate the wreckage was on an ATV. Adam offered to take me home on his 4-wheeler. I gladly accepted. It was the most traumatic ride of my life” she added.

However, it was not completely impossible for those with ATVs, or All Terrain Vehicles. Adam Edwards, student at OMHS, decided to ride up and down Valleydale, helping transport people who abandoned their cars to their homes.

Ms. Plaia, one of the many traveling by foot in the cold, was found by Adam. He promised to come back and get her. Ms. Plaia was certain he would not be able to find her, but he kept his promise. He approached her on Valleydale, picked her up, and headed back towards her house.

“Adam not only rescued me, but so many others. By the time I left school it was after 5 p.m., and he had been helping stranded motorists for hours. He was frozen and wet. Once I got home, my husband let him borrow some ski clothes, and I understand he continued to rescue people until after 11 p.m., and the next day all day.”

Adam recently received a proclamation from the State House of Representatives for his bravery and actions in effort to help people during the storm. Thanks to Adam, many were saved an even more traumatic night, and a freezing, extended amount of time away from their families.