OMHS Welcomes 14 New Staff Members

This 2014-2015 school year, 14 new staff members joined the Oak Mountain community With nine new teachers, a new counselor, a new assistant principal, and a new principal, our education environment is destined for success.

New teachers include: Deanna Conner and Jessica Robinson, both science teachers; Daniel DiPiazza and Chris Sosebee, both history teachers; Laura Ingram and Riley White, both career tech teachers; Wade Lyon and Maris Pinchin-Polk, both special education teachers; Melinda Sears, French teacher; Rachel Winke, math teacher; Kristen Mitchell, Latin teacher. The new 9th and 10th grade is counselor Jerry Riggins. The new assistant principal is Kendall Jackson. The new principal is Dr. Kristi Sayers.

The new 9th and 10th grade counselor is Jerry Riggins. Riggins is not a former teacher; he was the SRO before Deputy Morgan. Being the SRO wet his aptitude for working with the high school age group. “I enjoy helping students make decisions and work through problems,” Riggins says. He decided to get his Master’s Degree in counseling, and will graduate in September. He says his favorite thing about OMHS is the environment and feeling of a second home. “I love the sense of community; it’s like a second family. Sometimes it’s like having a crazy cousin, but at the end of the day I know I can call on anyone for a need and get help.”
New history teacher, Daniel DiPiazza, came to Oak Mountain after 14 years of teaching at John Carroll. John Carroll is private school, so DiPiazza did not have a foundation for public school; therefore, he did not know what to expect. Overall, he admits he is impressed by the students. “All of the students are well-behaved; I’m impressed by public school,” DiPiazza explains, “everyone’s friendly, and the academics are great.”
Ms. Kristen Mitchell, new Latin teacher, went to the University of Alabama. This is her first year teaching, and she is teaching all levels of Latin. “Everybody has been really helpful,” Mitchell says, “and the administration is wonderful; they will do anything for you.”

New forensics teacher, Ms. Jessica Robinson did her student teaching at Spain Park High School, and got her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Montevallo. She has a biology degree and a master’s degree in education. Robinson appreciates the benefits of being a teacher. “I like how big my classroom is, and everyone here is really nice,” Robinson explains.

The new staff members, with a passion and attitude to help, will make this year even better than the last.