Showing Character the Artistic Way at OMES

Ally C. , Staff Writer

On January 7th, 8th, and 15th, the OMHS Art I-IV classes traveled to OMES in order to help create paintings to hang up around the school. The paintings were created because the school’s principal and art teacher wanted to redecorate the school in a unique way. They thought that having paintings with character traits on them would inspire the students, and having the paintings made in this way would also give the students an opportunity to help create them.

“Sketches were created with character traits written on them. The students would draw the outlines of the words and pictures on canvases, and then they would help the elementary school kids paint them in,” Mrs. Ashley Lemley, one of the art teachers, explained. “Over one hundred and fifty sketches were created and sent to the OMES principal and art teacher, who then narrowed it down to sixteen character traits. The traits said stuff like ‘Be Creative’, ‘Be Kind’, etc.”

After the sketches were chosen, outlined, and then set up in the OMES lunchroom, the elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Carol Popwell, sent down each of her classes as they came to her throughout the day to the cafeteria. Each class would spend about fifteen minutes painting, and then would return to the art studio for regular art class. When her next class came to her, Mrs. Popwell continued the cycle of second and third grade classes until all of the paintings were completed.

The high school kids had just as much fun painting with the elementary school kids as they had with the high schoolers. “The kids were really fun to paint with and talk to,” said junior Gracie N. “They seemed to be having a good time.”

Senior, Hope M, explained her opinion of how she felt the day went, “It was great to see them all laughing and ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ at everything. It really puts a smile on your face. I feel very privileged to be able to participate in something like this before I graduate.”

This was the very first year that the high school and the elementary school has done this, and everyone agreed that it went over well.
“Everyone had fun doing this project together,” Mrs. Lemley said. “We hope to continue it every year.”