Freshmen Tell All

Skylar Montgomery, Staff Writer

On August 7, 2018, Oak Mountain High School welcomed in nearly 400 new students into its halls. Students are brought into a new environment with many different ages from Freshmen to Seniors. 9th grade students are also given the opportunity to participate in honors classes and many more extracurricular activities. Two of these classes include AP World History (WHAP) taught by Mr. Croom and Career Prep, which instructs students on financial decisions and computer skills, taught by many different teachers in the school.

This new beginning in the freshmen’s school career brings on challenges as well as exciting adventures. Olivia Herring, a member of the freshmen cheer squad, says, “My favorite part would be that we have more opportunities for getting involved in the school through joining more clubs. I also like the responsibility and freedom we have.” She plans on keeping up her grades and qualifying for the honors societies during her first year of high school.

Gabriel Pigg, another freshman student, says “My favorite classes have to be Honors English with Coach Moore and AP World History with Mr. Croom because of their intriguing topics after the first week of school.” Gabriel’s goal for his first year in high school is to end with a GPA higher than 3.5.

Oak Mountain High School started in 1999. For twenty years it has been providing students with education that supports them through college and beyond. OMHS’ mission is to empower each student for excellence. They achieve this through a safe learning environment, a rich rigorous curriculum, dynamic instruction, and quality experience.