New Cell Phone Policy at OMHS

New Cell Phone Policy at OMHS

Kirklin Abercrombie, Staff Writer

This year a new phone policy has been put into effect, throwing out the past pro-phone policy. No longer are phones allowed to be enjoyed all throughout the school day, but banned at all times besides lunch.


Students are upset to be restricted from their beloved electronics, not used to functioning without them. According to Spanish teacher Mrs. Gandy, the phone policy was made stricter due to students inability to tune out their phones during class and the entitlement students felt towards having their phones at all times during the school day.


Every year, school rules are becoming stricter and stricter, hoping to make the school environment a more safe and effective learning environment. Mrs. Gandy, who is pro-phone ban, said, “I believe this new policy will have an overall positive effect on our students and will help them learn how to communicate face-to-face. It may create a short term stress on teachers and administrators who have to enforce these rules, but that will go away long term as the students adjust. Plus, teachers are really loving it so far! Students are able to focus more in class rather than having their eyes glued to their phones.”

According to other outside sources, smartphone addiction is on the rise, especially within teens. Teens addicted to their phones are reported to have changed brain chemistry, significantly higher scores in anxiety, depression and levels of insomnia and impulsivity, said Dr. Hyung Suk Seo, professor of neuroradiology at Korea University. Experts suggest turning off your phone throughout the day, deleting social media apps, and trying to replace your smart device time with healthier activities.