Writer’s Corner

Kirklin Abercrombie, Staff Writer


(read from top to bottom and then from bottom to top.)


I am worthless

So don’t try and convince me that

I have a bright and beautiful future ahead of me

Because at the end of the day

I do not have potential

And I am not going to lie to myself by saying

There is a purpose somewhere hidden inside of me

So rest assured I will tell myself

That I am an unworthy, talentless, and a foolish person for dreaming big dreams

And nothing anyone says or does will make me believe

I will do something great with my life

Because no matter what

I am not driven enough to accomplish what I set out to do

And I am in no position to believe that

Purpose will one day become clear and easy to me

Because whenever I think about the places I’ve been and things I’ve experienced I always think

Am I as lost as I have convinced myself I am?