Top Ten Reasons to Get a CD Player


Sydney Laing, Staff Writer

  1. You only have to pay for each item once. With Spotify or Pandora, you have to pay for monthly subscriptions if you want full access to the program.
  2. The shuffle feature can be turned on and off. You have to pay monthly in order to turn off shuffle with Pandora or Spotify. Another frustrating feature if you’re parents don’t want to pay for premium.
  3. You can easily customize them. They come in different colors, so you can get one to match whatever room you want to keep it in. You could also paint it or cover it with stickers, so long as you are careful of the buttons and speakers.
  4. They are fun to have around. Because most people don’t use them anymore, It’s a unique thing to show off. It’s also a lot of fun to change out the CDs, and they look really cool on a shelf.
  5. The speakers have a lot of volume. Even on low volume, the speakers have a good sound and they are very loud. Don’t worry, though; the range of volumes can still get very low if you need it to be.
  6. All ages can enjoy it. You don’t have to be part of a certain age group to like CDs. The same can be said about most music programs; however, older adults don’t seem to like playing music on their phones, most likely because they’re used to having a separate machine for playing music.
  7. It’s a good musical backup if you lose your phone. Whether it disappears or gets taken by your parents, if you don’t have your phone CD players allow you to keep listening to your music.
  8. It has a headphone jack. This is also a characteristic of android phones, but if you’re an iphone user and don’t have airpods, this factor is a good one to be aware of. 
  9. It’s simple and easy to use. Buttons are clearly labelled so that anyone, whether teens, millennials or seniors, can figure out how to operate it.

You also have access to radio stations. Newer models have a button that switches between playing CDs and radio stations. You can use the up and down buttons to change between stations and listen to them as well.