Robotics Club Looking to Recruit New Members

Robotics Club Looking to Recruit New Members

Halle T, Staff Writer


Dr. Strong sponsors the Robotics Club here at OMHS. The Robotics Club is a team that works together to build a robot. Their main job is to present and try to sell it at their booth at competitions. “We think of ourselves more as a company and a team than a club. It’s a great atmosphere like a family that works all year long. We’re running a business,” Dr. Strong says about the Robotics Club.

The team is always looking for creative problem solvers who are interested in engineering, math, science, public speaking, technology, and graphic arts. Another thing the club is looking for is writers. Dr. Strong adds. “We’re really looking for writers; we really need them for our engineering notebook. It’s a document that’s one of the most important things to get us to the next competition. The notebook is big points in the contest.”

One of the most important figures in the club is Wesley Monnette, junior. “Right now, the robot is in heavy development. We work heavily with an engineering group, which is very talented group.” Other students work on other sections of the club, such as Mariah Schley, sophomore. Mariah is on the creative team, which thinks of how to draw people into the club, how to construct the marketing booth, and much more. “It’s a blast to think of ways to draw people in and how to construct our booth versus the other tons of booths.”

For more info, see Dr. Strong in room 133. We wish the Robotics Club a successful year. Happy building!