Robotics Team Heads to Competition This Saturday


Halle T, Staff Writer

On Saturday, October 26th, the Robotics Team is participating in a robotics competition. The theme this year is based around Iron Man and Jarvis. The teams will set up their marketing booths at an arena, and each booth has an engineering game that includes prizes. This is only a fraction of the work that goes into the Robotics Team; another part of the competition is the robot competition. The team constructs a robot, which must grasp and move many objects to accomplish the task. To build a robot of such function, it requires much engineering, driving, and skill. Many other things also are included in judging along with the robot. The team also writes a 100 page engineering notebook with a research paper, designs a t-shirt, does an oral marketing team presentation, constructs a webpage and much more.

Some categories the team will be judged on include Best Marketing Presentation, Best Project Engineering Notebook, Best Spirit and Sportsmanship, Best Webpage, Best Mascot, “Blood, Sweat, and Duct Tape” Award, and igus Top Gun Award, which is the team scoring the most points in a single round.

“I’m very excited; my team has worked three months to get ready for the competition. They’ve done a great job and worked late into the night. I’m very proud of them.” Dr Strong says. The ultimate goal for the team would be to win one of the four spots in the next competition at Auburn University in December.

Kids and adults will enjoy the robots and booths and teams will be cheering and yelling all day. “It will be a tough competition with lots of teams, and we would love for everyone to come cheer us on,” adds Dr. Strong.

Come support the Robotics Team this Saturday at UAB Bartow Arena. We wish the Robotics Team the best of luck this Saturday!