First Semester Exam Schedule Released

First Semester Exam Schedule Released

Halle T, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again. Time to finish off a semester with a cumulative exam, counting as 20% as every student’s semester grade. Starting Monday, December 16th, exams will begin with first period, followed by seventh period exams after irregular lunches.

Revised lunches will start with Lunch A from 9:30-9:57, Lunch B from 9:44-10:10, Lunch C from 9:57-10:23, Lunch D from 10:10-10:36, Lunch E from 10:23-10:49, and Lunch F from 10:36-11:03. This lunch schedule will be used all week, until Friday, December 20th.

Tuesday’s exams will consist of second and third period. Wednesday’s exams will consist of fourth and fifth period. Thursday’s exam will be eighth period. The first exam of each day will begin at 7:40 and finish at 9:25. The second exam of each day will begin at 11:08 and finish at 12:53.

Students will be allowed to check-in and check-out according to which exams they have on certain days and times, but only if they have their permission form signed by a parent and turned in to their first period teacher by Monday, December 9th. Students will not be allowed to check-out during a testing period but only at the times designated: 9:25 after the first exam and 12:53 after the second exam.

Buses will run as normal for students that do not have any way to check-out after their final exam, and we will have study periods between and after exams.

Friday, December 20th, will serve as a make-up day, and students will dismiss at 12:50 for the holidays.

Semester Exam Memo & Schedule Sem 1 2013-2014