Science Olympiad Takes 6th Place at Competition

This year’s Science Olympiad team competed against many others in various categories at their recent competition. Despite all of the weather set backs during preparations, they still placed 6th place and outscored every school in our area.

“The Science Olympiad is a team that requires students to compete with others from all over the state,” Mrs. Charon Wilcox said. It focuses in on different science categories and includes smaller competitions to compete in.

Team members included Amanda F, Sarah L, Eriko K, Preston T, Peter R, Bradley G, Kandise M, Ana O, Tiara T, Ian J, Vaishali N, Subee P, and Matt T.

Some students that scored in the top three in various categories are Bradley G, Peter R, and Preston T in Maglev 3rd place. Ana O scored in Dynamic Planet 3rd place. Matt Tand Ana O scored in Geologic Mapping 3rd place. Subee P and Matt T scored in Chemistry Lab 3rd place. Eriko K and Vaishali N scored in Water Quality 2nd place.

“I’m very proud of them because we didn’t have enough time to work due to the weather set backs and we still placed,” Mrs. Wilcox added.

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad Team on their accomplishments this year!