Students Propose Bills at Youth Leg


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Last weekend, 11 students from OMHS participated in YMCA’s Youth in Government Legislative Conference in Montgomery. The task was to write a bill proposing a new Alabama law where students from all over the state meet to debate the bills and act as they are the Alabama Legislature. They argued their bill and many were selected to present their bill on the House or Senate floor. Overall, many successfully argued their bills.
The students came up with extraordinary ideas to argue for. Luke R, freshman, wrote a bill granting merit based reductions of in state college tuition to students with a 4.0 GPA and a 23 on their ACT.

Cameron G, sophomore, wrote a bill called the School Funding Act which provided for limited advertising within the middle school and high school buildings. This including the opportunity to sell naming rights for school structures to companies.

Matthew T, junior, wrote a bill legalizing patient consented euthanasia to be performed by the patient’s physician.

Francie H, junior, served on the Governor’s Cabinet as the Superintendent of the Banking Department and wrote a bill allowing working age students with a 3.5 GPA and work at least 15 hours a week to opt out of one required course per academic year.

Jessica B, junior, wrote a bill legalizing the practice of gambling and institute a statewide lottery.

Marquis S, senior, wrote a bill requiring all citizens of Alabama to register for a permit to own hand guns, revolvers, pistols, or rifles and the prohibition of all military, machine, artillery, and automatic fire arms.

Carley T, senior, wrote a bill making the private ownership of exotic animals illegal.

Lisa G, senior, co-wrote a bill which mandated that all legislation that affects the abortion, abortion facilities, or abortion providers be reviewed by a regulatory committee to determine if the proposed regulation by the legislation is deemed medically necessary.

Amelia W, senior, co-wrote a bill requiring all secondary schools to provide a comprehensive human sexuality education course.

Hayden M, senior, wrote a bill removing any current or future penalties on teachers who express their own views and beliefs about their religion.

Rachel K, senior, served on the Governor’s Cabinet as the Administrator of the Alcohol Beverage Control and wrote a bill legalizing alcohol sales on Sundays and allowing alcohol sales in all countries in the state of Alabama.
“My bill was about allowing companies to pay money and be able to advertise or get naming rights to rooms in public schools,” Cameron G said, “I believe it should be passed because public schools need money, and this is an easy way for them to get money without harming the students.”

Cameron G was awarded the highest recognition a First Year participant can receive: Outstanding Delegate and Outstanding Statesman. Matthew T got to serve as the House Pro Temp and kept debate on the House floor running. Lisa G got to serve on the Governor’s Cabinet as the Director of the Department of Finance. Hayden M received the Sunshine Award which recognizes one delegate who exemplifies leadership, strong faith, and service to her community. Rachel K, for the second time, was an Alabama state representative at the Conference on National Affairs. Matthew T, Lisa G, Hayden M, and Rachel K will all be representing Alabama at the national conference this summer.

“Every year I am reconfirmed in the belief that Oak Mountain High School is filled with excellent teachers because our students stand out among their peers throughout the state,” sponsor Mrs. Jennifer Touchstone said.

“I encourage others to participate in this conference, and in the Youth Judicial conference, because it was really fun. You meet lots of new people, and you might find out that you want to have a job doing something like this,” Cameron G added.

Congratulations to all students involved in the Youth Leg last weekend on all accomplishments and awards. We hope those attending this summer’s conference have just as much of a success!