OMHS Winter Guard Takes First Place

Last weekend, the Winter Guard team coached by Ms. Jennifer Brunner traveled to Chattanooga to complete in a competition. After a long day of practice and chaos, the girls were awarded first place.

Winter Guard is somewhat similar to the Color Guard, both involve choreographed routines in which the girls dance with various props and weapons while moving in drill patterns across the floor. Winter Guard is performed indoors, and the band is not involved. They typically compete on a mat hand painted by the team.

On Saturday, the Winter Guard had little room to practice, so they used a muddy, wet strip of grass, followed by with only an hour to unload and get prepared when they arrived at the competition.“Despite our muddy morning practice, a missing team member, a girl with tendinitis in her shoulder so severe she can hardly lift a flag, and a girl who gashed her finger open on a rifle before we went on, spewing blood everywhere; the girls went out and performed the best show of their season. And they were justly awarded with first place,” Ms. Brunner said, extremely proud of the girls.

Congratulations to all girls on the team: Allie G, Haley K, Laurel R, Lucia B, Emma C, Jordan G, Lauren L, Sarah M, Lexie W, and Brennah W.

Sophomore, Jordan G, remembers the amazing feeling of victory. “Winning first place was the best feeling ever. It was nice to know that our hard work paid off. We were kind of just huddled together while they called out our names. They called out fifth place and we were like, ‘Okay. We didn’t come in last. We got fourth, right?’ Then they called out fourth, and it wasn’t us. Then we started getting more and more excited because we knew we placed. Then they called out third, and we all started jumping up and down, because that meant we got either first or second! Finally, they said ‘First place goes to Oak Mountain Allure Winter Guard!’, and the whole team was jumping up and down in the stands, crying and cheering. It was the best thing ever.”