Shelby County Schools Getting Students “Prepared for the Journey”

Shelby County Schools Getting Students “Prepared for the Journey”

Recently, Shelby County Schools designed and created a video promoting the preparation our schools strive to achieve for students so they will be ready to take on whatever they do after high school, college, and their career. Shelby County Schools are continuing to help students be prepared to not only face challenges, but reach full potential in the future that they choose.

Mr. John Milton, SGA founder and teacher at OMHS, was invited to participate in the video along with many others from around the county; including students, teachers, doctors, OMHS graduate and author Anna Kathryn Davis, and our Governor. Mr. Milton was invited to join the video by Shelby County Schools Public Officer, Cindy Warner.
“Cindy has done an incredible job working with different people in the county to get this video put together. Because of the role I have played in student leadership in the county, I was asked to be in the video. I was excited to do so, but had no idea what a quality product they would produce.” The production company is a group out of Montgomery, Alabama called Stamp Ideas.

Engineering student at OMHS, Canyon Boyd, was featured in the video as well. “This video demonstrates what our school can do and all of the possibilities,” Canyon says, “and a lot more people saw it than I would’ve thought!”

Being such a large school system, the obstacle to find extra funding for many programs gives all the schools a chance to work together with the other schools in Shelby County to create programs to benefit students. It is important to have a reunion annually to help the community reconnect, and the “Prepared for the Journey” video has done just that this year.

“I really hope that the video will get people excited about what is happening across our county,” Mr. Milton says, “we have a unique challenge, and opportunity, being in such a large and growing system. I hope that students will watch the video and be inspired to do some great things. I hope that the community will have a renewed energy about supporting the schools. I hope that teachers will have a renewed sense of purpose knowing that what they do in the classroom makes a difference that could help a student end up being the Governor of Alabama one day.”

To see the “Prepared for the Journey” video, check out