Ms. Lindsey Lovvorn Granted $1,000 to Develop Her Students’ Life Skills

Halle T., Editor-in-chief

Last Friday, December 9th, a $1,000 check to Oak Mountain High School for Ms. Lindsey Lovvorn was written out. CBS42 One Class at a Time presented the grant to fund towards supplies for the building of a greenhouse, and to develop the students’ life skills.

The students will learn job skills such as gardening and money management when growing and selling rosemary, oregano, and basil. “The students will learn science along with other job skills. The herbs will be sold to Taziki’s so the students will manage their own business,” Ms. Lovvorn said.

The engineering students of OMHS offered to build the greenhouse, however, the lack of funding is what hindered the progress of their work. “This motivated me to find a way to help [Mrs. Paula Hughes’s engineering class] while they help our entire program,” Ms. Lovvorn explains.

The grant allows for Ms. Lovvorn’s students to gain experience doing the greenhouse project while also making money to put back into their program. Ms. Lovvorn says she is, “proud for [her] students and the opportunities this will give them.”