Teacher Spotlight


Claudia Welch, Staff Writer

Mrs. Shults, the new 10th grade English teacher, joined Oak Mountain High School this fall. She moved here from Briarwood Christian. She moved here because she likes the community and the area was close. 

Mrs. Shults attended college at the University of Alabama. Mrs. Shults’ mom inspired her profoundly to become a teacher. “I loved my high school English classes a lot of the English professors I had in college.” She says, “I changed my major four times!” Her first week was stressful due to meetings, learning names, and learning the bell schedule. She says, “I feel like I set the bar pretty high. I expect them to do all their work, turn it in on time, and communicate early if there is a problem of any kind.” She really likes the atmosphere and the interaction of the students. She is making this school her own.