Polizos Joins Admin Team at OMHS


Caleb Mills, Staff Writer

Ashli Polizos has joined the administrative team at OMHS. I recently sat down with her to get to know her a little better.

Mrs. Polizos has been teaching for 12 years, and all of those years have been in the Oak Mountain community. She taught the first 11 years at the middle school and the last year here at OMHS. When asked why she wanted to become an administrator, Polizos said, “I really enjoyed teaching and the relationships I developed in the classroom. I just wanted to have a broader impact on the whole school itself.

I then asked Mrs. Polizos her thoughts on the position and if it is what she expected. She replied, “It is busier in the office than I expected. I like the fact that I get to see students and teachers that I wouldn’t ordinarily see in the classroom.” Another reason Polizos enjoys being an administrator is because she gets to “sit in on other teachers’ classrooms: and “interact with other incredible teachers from different content areas doing what they love.”

Mrs. Polizos also stated that her oldest son “feels like a celebrity” but that her middle son “has no idea and still thinks I’m a teacher!”

OMHS is fortunate to have Mrs. Polizos in her new position, and we hope she enjoys her new position!