OMHS Adds New AP Course

Josh Richard, Staff Writer

Mrs. Schultz will be teaching a new AP course called AP Seminar for the 2019-2020 school year here at OMHS. This class is designed to help students improve their research abilities and analyze arguments from different perspectives. It also gives the students lots of experience working in groups and also working alone. AP Seminar gives students an idea of what they would have to do in college or once they get a job.

When asked why he signed up for AP Seminar, OMHS Junior Grant Foree said “I wanted to improve my research skills.” Many students are using this class as an opportunity to help them with real world skills that they will need in the future. Another benefit of AP Seminar is that, because it is an AP course, it gives students a GPA boost. For example, if a student were to make an A in the class, they would receive a 5.0. Hopefully AP Seminar will be a course that is offered for years to come at Oak Mountain!