OMHS Implements New Exam Exemption Policy

OMHS Implements New Exam Exemption Policy

Mayuko Noji, Staff Writer

For the 2019-2020 year, Oak Mountain High School is implementing a new exam exemption policy. Under this policy, students who meet certain requirements will be able to exempt at least one exam in the second semester.

What are the requirements? Students who have at least a 90 in a class and have less than five excused absences can exempt the exam in that class. Students who have a least an 80 in their class and have less than three excused absences can also exempt. This year, not only seniors, but all grade levels, can exempt from the exams. If a student is absent because of an illness and brings an excuse, it will be an excused absence. However, if a student has too many absences, he or she will not be allowed to be exempt from the exam. Any unexcused absence will automatically disqualify a student’s ability to exempt an exam. Students who have five or more tardies to school will also be unable to exempt their exams. 

The new policy is a hit with some students. A freshman said,  “I’m so lucky to be able to exempt one exam in the final semester. I will exempt my biology class.” Some seniors think this policy is unfair. “Even though we get an A in every class, if we are absent for more than five days, we can not be exempt. It was easier to exempt last year.”

The new policy only applies to the second semester exam and is as follows:                    

Seniors may exempt from all of the exams.

Juniors may exempt from three exams.

Sophomore may exempt from two exams.

Freshman may exempt from one exam.