Mike Trout’s Monster Deal

Mike Trouts Monster Deal

Blake Bailey, Staff Writer

Over the past ten years, Mike Trout has emerged as one of, if not the best baseball player in the world.  Trout is an 8-time MLB All-Star, 3 time American League MVP, and is an eight time winner of the prestigious Silver-Slugger Award.  He also leads the WAR category and is on track to be one of the greatest to ever play the game.  Recently, Mike Trout became the highest paid baseball player in the world, signing a 12-year contract worth $420 million.  Here are some interesting facts that may simplify this large amount of money for you.


Trout Will Make:

  • $68 per minute
  • $4.1k an hour
  • $98.6k a day
  • $692k per week
  • $3M a month
  • $36M each season


As you can see, these are some staggering numbers.  By signing this contract, Trout

avoided free agency and will continue to play with the Los Angeles of Anaheim.  Some other players who recently signed notably large contracts include: Bryce Harper, Fernando Tatis, and Manny Machado.