5 Tips to Make Studying Easier


Reilly DeShazo, Staff Writer

Trust me, I know the dread that comes with the thought of studying all too well. Unfortunately, studying is essential for academic success and there are five ways to make it a little less dreadful. Let’s have a look.

One: Believe Studying is Camp

Camp: ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical. Yes, that is right, believe it in your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, studying is camp. Rather than reading a history textbook line to line, act it out and make dramatic scenes out of lines of history. Study English in a British accent. Act as though Stephen Hawkings is inspiring you to work through math problems. Whatever you do, do not let studying be dull. 

Two: Set the Surroundings

Next time the time comes to study, try changing the scenery. Finding an open spot outdoors, a cozy coffee shop, or a quiet library may be the thing that is missing from your study routine. Wherever you go, make sure it is not in a place of comfort, like a place of sleep or rest. This will only spark feelings of tiredness and make studying all the much harder.

Three: Pack a Snack

How can your mind focus properly if it is instead of worrying about the last meal you ate? It can’t! So pack yourself a snack that will fuel the mind workout that is studying. Packing a snack like fruits or nuts will not only improve your mental performance but also works as motivation to finish assignments!

Four: Plan Ahead

Have you ever waited until the night before a test to cram all of the material? I have, and it is not fun. By taking just twenty minutes out of your day, every day, to study one subject, you are preparing yourself for success. Setting apart a little time every day for getting ahead will not only help you to retain more knowledge and information, but will also decrease the stress levels that come with cramming.

Five: Take Breaks

It is so important to give yourself a break between study periods to let your mind recover and retain information! The Pomodoro method is a great strategy to follow. This method states for every twenty-five minutes of work, take a five-minute break. During this break, do anything that distracted you in the twenty-five minutes of studying. Set literal alarms and get to it!

Remember, you are so much more than your grades or academic success. Study on!