OMHS Hosts Culture Day


Razel Gargollo, Staff Writer

On April 26, students of the Minority Club Organization worked together to make Culture Day a success. They put together a Cultural Fashion Show where members of the club came and represented those of different ethnicities by displaying their traditional clothing and playing traditional music. After the show, the members of the club set up booths where students of OMHS could learn and explore different countries along with their culture and traditions.

Some of the countries that were represented were Mexico, Japan, Great Britain, the Philippines, Belize, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Uganda, Brazil, and many more. The goal of the Minority Club is to encourage and embrace the understanding of diversity in our community. Culture Day is a perfect opportunity not only for minorities in the school to share and showcase their culture, but also to unite the student body as one.

The Minority Club Organization hopes to make Culture Day a yearly tradition in Oak Mountain High School.