Student Spotlight on Jeremy Williamson


Lukas Barnett, Staff Writer

Jeremy Williamson is a rising Senior at Oak Mountain High School who has a gripping backstory on how he found his passion. Unlike any scholastic sport, Jeremy is a boulderer. He started in the later months of 2016 and has continued to do it ever since then. As the years progressed, he has gone across the United States to experience new opportunities whether it’s climbing in Alabama, Georgia, Chattanooga, or Colorado. Jeremy climbs to reach new heights and this is his story.

Jeremy was introduced to rock climbing in 2016 by his youth director from church when they went to a climbing gym for the first time. He says he “can still remember putting on those tiny shoes wondering why those people went through that odd pain.” Jeremy stated that he was terrible during the session and believes he could only do one pull-up at the time. What he didn’t do was give up. Due to the pure joy he experienced, Jeremy returned to the gym the next week and bought a membership in order to continue what he loved to do.

He is close to reaching his four year milestone with rock climbing and recollects being glued to his phone during his freshman and sophomore years, wondering where he should go next or what climb he wanted to ascend. When asked why he does it, he said, “There is endless knowledge you can gain in the world of climbing. It’s like a puzzle. You solve it, but you don’t feel so satisfied, so you get bigger and bigger puzzles.” He climbs for that very reason. What I found interesting when interviewing Jeremy was that he believes you truly start to climb when you climb on real rock. He says, “The connection with nature and the freedom you feel when you get to the top is an elevated feeling you don’t feel anywhere else.”

Even through the most joyous moments, there are times when you fall. Sometimes it can happen over and over again. When asked about the hardships of feeling you aren’t excelling at the pace you should, Jeremy replied, “If you have been climbing, you know you fall much more than you accomplish things. That’s what makes that finish so much better. In climbing, you usually progress at a steady rate if you go to the gym on a consistent basis, but like every sport, you reach plateaus. Plateaus are frustrating, but all it takes is that extra push or psyche to get you through it. Ending high school, I’m stronger than I ever imagined I could be. The places this sport has taken me and the friendships I have made over the years are incredible.”

Jeremy Williamson found his passion and never gave up on it. Through his motivational drive in bouldering, he has found places and friends you hear of in stories when they talk of hidden treasure. Once, you think you’ve reached the top, your view changes on what is the highest peak. No matter what, keep reaching new heights!