OMHS Hosts Culture Day


Jada Bailey, Staff Writer

On Wednesday November 13, 2019, OMHS’s Minority Club hosted the annual celebration of culture day. Led by Yu Miura and Rosario Perez, a small group of students were selected to represent their ethnicity. Culture day used to be a yearly tradition at Oak Mountain, and it has recently made its way back into the school’s many events. 

Kylie Jon’s favorite part about Culture Day was “showing everyone clothes and representing my culture. It is great to show people the fashion aspects of my own culture.”  

 I asked Aseel Jad what she expected in preparation for the fashion show, “It was crazy at first. Showing up that morning and expecting to rehearse but not rehearsing made things a little bit more hectic. Soon enough everyone got the hang of it, though.” 

School Diversity 

In modern times, it is important to have diversity in our educational environment. An article posted by the Queens University of Charlotte states that, “Diversity among students in education directly impacts their performance. Studies show that students work better in a diverse environment, enabling them to concentrate and push themselves further when there are people of other backgrounds working alongside them. This promotes creativity, as well as better education, as those with differing viewpoints are able to collaborate to create solutions.”

I applaud Oak Mountain for taking on the responsibility for informing the students of different cultures.