OMHS Classes Make Valentines For a WWII Veteran


Jada Bailey and Claudia Welch

Major Bill White, a 104-year-old World War II veteran, is asking for Valentines cards this year. The U.S. is calling it Operation Valentine. So far it has turned out to be a huge success. He has received over 25,000 cards already and he is filled with gratitude. This hero who fought the war for us is getting his return of love with Operation Valentine. 

Creative Writing and English classes at Oak Mountain High School were made aware of this operation and wanted to make their own homemade cards. So there was a day taken aside to make these cards for each class. 

A few students shared their opinion on Operation Valentine. An English 11 student, Jonica Owen says, “ I think it’s so sweet that students appreciate American history and take time to show kindness towards Mr. White.”

Hannah Edwards, a student in Creative Writing says that, “I thought that it was really sweet and it means a lot to older people when the younger generation reach out and do this for him. Especially since Mr. White is a veteran. It shows our respect for the people who fight for us.”