The First Thing I’m Going to Do


Jada Bailey, Staff Writer


The virus took the world by storm, leaving us all in a state of shock. Not only has Coronavirus taken away loved ones, it has also taken aways millions of last memories, proms, graduations, and most importantly- goodbyes. A point to be remembered in history where no matter what age, race, or belief, we agreed to do our part to keep our loved ones safe. In hardships like this, it’s refreshing to hear good news- to see the silver lining. That’s the reason I’m making a list of the first things I’m going to do when this is all over. 

Going Outside Again

The day that lockdown is clear will be a day where we celebrate, pulling our loved ones close, and never taking things for granted again. I plan on going to visit my friends, going on adventures again, hiking, going out to dinner, attending birthday parties, and doing regular teenage things. When school starts again, my class will be the new senior class, which makes coming back to school all the more special. 

It Will Be Over Soon

Being in lockdown has opened my eyes to cherish the present and make the most of every day. My last day in school this year was an average Thursday, nothing special, no goodbyes or celebration of the end of the year because we didn’t know it was our last day. A lesson that I’ve learned and plan to keep in mind. Everyday is a new day. The sun always shines tomorrow. Either being cooped up inside or out on the streets again, it’s important to value your day and make the most of it. This all will be over soon. Until then, please stay safe and inside.