A Taste for Tik Tok


Peyton Nguyen, Staff Writer

Ever since the popularization of the video-sharing app,  TikTok, creators have uploaded an abundant variety of content, including food related clips. Whether it be hacks, recipes, or reviews, this foodie-drawn content hasn’t failed to climb to the top of several users’ “For You Page.” Most commonly, these videos include short, simple recipes for snack foods or drinks.

This week, I tested three of these recipes: Dalgona whipped coffee, three ingredient cloud bread, and an Oreo microwave mug cake. Overall, these recipes were tasty and have reason for popularity. 

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Arguably the most popular of all TikTok food trends, Dalgona coffee consists of only three ingredients: equal parts of instant coffee crystals, water, and sugar. Inspired by a South Korean street food consisting of whipped toffee, the simple recipe gained popularity over the United States’ quarantine. 

The mixture is whipped either by hand or with a hand mixer, forming a fluffy, whipped cream-like substance. Then, it’s served on top of iced or hot milk and stirred together. The drink has a very pungent coffee flavor, with not very much sweetness. It’s very balanced, with a slight bitterness and a creamy texture that pairs very nicely. I drank mine cold, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn’t consider making it every day, as it is a bit of a hassle. Overall, as an occasional treat, I can see myself making it again!

Verdict: Yummy, would make again!

Cloud Bread

This fluffy loaf of cake-style bread is made from whipped egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, and optionally, vanilla extract, and food coloring. It is then baked on a sheet of parchment paper as a mound of batter. After baked, it is a bouncy, airy, loaf of pastel colored bread.

As for the flavor, fresh out of the oven, the bread has a very sulfuric, eggy flavor. It reminded me of an omelette, but a very fluffy one at that. After letting the cloud bread sit for a while, the egg flavor started to dissipate, leaving a mildly sweet, custard-tasting bread. The texture reminded me of cotton candy, because it had a dissolving, melting quality. Overall, I was not too fond of the way this bread tasted, although it looked beautiful. 

Verdict: An acquired taste, but not for me.

 Microwavable Oreo Mug Cake

This two-ingredient treat gained popularity because of its convenience and simplicity. It consists of a few crushed Oreo cookies and a splash of milk. It is then microwaved for about a minute and a half, then to be cooled and enjoyed. Once this cake is cooked, it is said to leave you with a dense, fudgey cake. 

This recipe was extremely simple to make, as it only took a few minutes to prepare. Once the mug cake was done, I topped it with some whipped topping and prepared to have the single best tasting bite of my life. Sadly, I found this cake to have a gelatinous, rubbery consistency. I have to admit though, the chocolate taste was delicious! It had the extreme nostalgia factor of Oreos dipped in milk, with the warmth of the cake and pillowy contrast of the whipped cream. Considering it was baked in a microwave, this Oreo mug cake was excellent. I can definitely see myself making this cake again, in the presence of a severe cake craving.

Verdict: This was a very simple recipe, and I would for sure make it again!