A Student’s Life in Quarantine with COVID-19


Brooke Darnall, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 20 I was diagnosed with COVID-19. Walking into the doctor’s office that day thinking I just had a sinus infection, I would have never thought that two days before my birthday, I would have COVID. In the end I couldn’t do anything about it besides quarantine and take care of myself.

My days spent in quarantine were all pretty similar. Wake up with a sleepless mindset because the medicine I was taking kept me up, walk to the kitchen make some toast and coffee, even though I couldn’t taste it, go say hey to Mom, then go back to my room, watch some TV, then pass out for a few hours, and wake up and repeat. My body was full of exhaustion, and by day two, I just wanted it to be over. As days went by, I just started to gain more symptoms: chest pains, loss of taste, and up and down fever. That wasn’t even the weird part; the weirdest part was having to spend my birthday isolated.

When it comes to my birthday, of course I like the cake and the gifts and everything that comes along with it, but my favorite part is spending it with my family and friends.When it came to Thursday, October 22 and only being able to wave to my friends and family through the window, it was pretty upsetting. Having a quarantined birthday really did put things in perspective when it came down to it. Just remember at the end of the day, your family and friends are very important, so cherish the time you spend with them.

As the end of my quarantine started to come to an end and I started to gain energy, all I could think about was the stacks of makeup work that needed to be completed, but I had zero motivation to complete anything. Every time I tried to start something, I would either become tired or realize all the other work I have to do and just stop.When it all came down to finishing the work that needed to be done, I realized I needed to make a schedule. When I sat down, took a breath and figured out what needed to be done and turned in, it made the stress I had piled up slowly fade. And today, COVID free, I have most of my makeup work finished and ten times less the stress I would have had if I didn’t set a plan.

At the end of the day, COVID taught me the patience for certain things I didn’t know I had.