Three Holiday Traditions to Add to the List


Helen Kate Alley, Staff Writer

This year, for sure has been an insanely crazy one! But now more than ever people are able to be resilient and keep their long loved holiday traditions. If you are looking for some holiday traditions to add to your list, here are some!


  1. Get fun with holiday clothing!

It is so much fun to buy Christmas pajamas for the family to match in and an ugly Christmas sweater party is always super fun. A Christmas sock exchange is a great game to play, and everyone wins because everyone gets fun, festive socks. 


2. Make holiday treats!

One of the best things about the Christmas season is all of the food! You can get super creative with decorating holiday desserts such as cakes and cookies and you can spice up a cup of hot chocolate by adding whipped cream or peppermint sticks for a warm Christmasy taste. 


3. Play holiday gift games!

A great way to celebrate holidays with your family, friends, sports group, church group or co-workers is to have a Christmas gift swapping game. Some games include Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa where the players will open and steal gifts until the game is over. Another fun game is just a traditional gift exchange game where everyone brings a present, draws a number, and the players will stand in a line according to their number (1 being at the front of the line). Everyone picks a gift until all gifts have been taken. Get creative with holiday games!