Twice Positive: My Experience with COVID-19

Twice Positive: My Experience with COVID-19

Petyon Nguyen, Staff Writer

Chills. Shortness of breath. Body Aches. Loss of senses. All of these symptoms are well known to our generation, and have been stamped within the past year as token side effects of COVID-19. As an innumerable amount of Americans test positive for the Coronavirus, a small fraction of these victims test positive twice. I, for one, am one of these few. 

When I initially tested positive back in September, I was astounded. Being an individual who wears their mask quite religiously, I was in utter disbelief at the sight of anything but a negative test. I proceeded to suffer with extreme symptoms, despite my youth and good health. Racing through my head were articles interpreting the long term effects of COVID-19 on teenagers, and common youth’s response to the virus. I was a nervous wreck. From my mother’s family came reassurance of well being, and from my father’s came Asian home-remedies; all of which my beloved Bà Nội (grandmother) swore by. Following my return from self-isolation, I seemed to be significantly more germaphobic, and much more conscious of the cleanliness of surfaces around me. Though I had a newfound sense of the extremity and consequences of this virus, I still found closure in doctor’s assurance of an immunity, for roughly ninety days. 

Mid January had arrived, and surprisingly, I had barely given my previous infection a second thought. I proceeded to take careful measures, as if I had never known of my three month long period of immunity. It seemed as if I had contracted the virus for the second time almost immediately after my supposed immunity dissipated. Being significantly less symptomatic this time around brought me great comfort, but I was now struck with what I had feared most during my first encounter with the coronavirus: the aftermath. Due to the apparent resurfacing of my childhood asthma, I was forced to rely on the assistance of an inhaler. I was utterly terrified that I was bound to the usage of this device, and that now a notable part of my life was affected by pandemic, which at first seemed so momentary. Thankfully, I have since weaned off of the device. 

Though I have been brought distress due to the outcomes of this historical epidemic, I am appreciative of my regained health and newfound understanding of the both the emotional and physical experiences that come with suffrage.