AP Exams Begin at OMHS


Celia Slaughter, Staff Writer

Starting on May 3, OMHS will begin AP exams. The exams will occur over a three week period with the majority given in the first two weeks. Students in AP classes have a date and time assigned to take their exam. All exams will start at either 8:00 a.m. or at noon. The vast majority of exams will be held in the back gym. The Chemistry and Latin exams will take place in the Driver’s Ed room. The Spanish exam will be in the Spanish classrooms.

All students should enter through the commons on the day of their exams. This includes students who are currently virtual. For 8:00 exams, students should arrive at 7:40. For 12:00 exams, students should arrive at 11:30. 

Students are instructed to bring number two pencils and blue or black inked pens. Mechanical pencils are forbidden. Some test require calculators. Students that need a calculator should look at College Board’s options for calculators. 

Food and drink are forbidden from the testing site and will not be allowed. All students are required to bring a photo ID upon entering the the testing area. Electronic devices are also forbidden. They will not be permitted for use until after the test is concluded. 

After the exams, students are excused from school for the remainder of the day. Those with exams at noon are excused from morning classes. Teachers in other classes may still give assignments for their classes on the days of the exams. Students are obligated to check with their teachers for any makeup work.