Fishing Team Prepares for State Tournament This Month


A fairly new community club, called the Fishing Team, heads into another year of competition. This group travels around the area and fishes on local lakes against other teams hoping to land the best catch. “The bigger the fish, the more points” is typically how the scores are determined.

They have weigh-ins at each tournament, which determine whether they make it into the state tournament. Two students, Will I and Dylan M, both helped start this club in 2011 when they were sophomores and continue to fish on the team. “I love getting to represent Oak Mountain and that it’s not a normal sport,” Will I said, “it’s fun getting to travel and meet new kids around the state.”

The group consists of guys that represent Oak Mountain as a team. However, this group is not affiliated with OMHS sports; it is a club for those in our community.

Mrs. Amy Dearman helps provide a place for the team to fish. “It’s a great group of kids. I love seeing them enjoy doing something that they’re passionate about.”

The team heads to state on March 15th, and that tournament is followed by three more.

Good luck to the Fishing Team on all upcoming competitions!

To see more info on the upcoming events of the Fishing Team, check out @OakMtnBassClub on twitter.