OM Biker Takes First Place

Courtesy of OMHS Mountain Biking

Courtesy of OMHS Mountain Biking

Logan Arnwine, Staff Writer

In the first competition of the NICA season, the Oak Mountain Biking team participated at the 1996 Olympic Games Mountain Biking Course in Conyers, Georgia.

The three person team class race consisted of 6 teams for males 99 and under spread out across the southeast. Oak Mountain freshman, Connor Leopard, won first place.

Fifteen riders competed in the solo male race for those 15-18 years of age. Of the 15 riders, three were from Oak Mountain. Due to the diligent training, all three of our riders finished in the top 4. Freshman, Luke Gordon finished fourth, sophomore, Foster Hutchings finished second, and Matthew Harrison, a senior finished first.

Matthew spoke on what this competition means to his team and what separates OMHS Biking from other programs.

“We are proud of our training. It’s a good start for us. Our team is different from other because of our athletes. We are committed to the training and genuinely enjoy biking. We go beyond practices and you could see us riding at Oak Mountain every day where you might not see that other places. I love it,” Harrison stated.

The Oak Mountain Biking Team will carry the momentum of this race to continue to improve as the season moves forward.