Soccer Headed to a Championship

Logan Arnwine, Editor-in-chief

The 2017 senior class officially became the most successful boy’s soccer class in Oak Mountain history with a 3-1 final against Grissom to advance to the Final Four of the 7A State Tournament, making this the seventh straight year that Oak Mountain has made a Final Four appearance. When asked about what separates this Final Four from the others, Chad Jeter, senior center midfielder, had a simple but meaningful answer:

“Going for a three-peat. That’s something special that would mean everything to me and is something a few of my teammates and myself have been dreaming about for years.”

He continued on his team’s historical success.

“I didn’t even realize we were going to be the most successful class at Oak Mountain until my brother texted me that we were tied with his class. So to pass them was pretty cool,” Jeter laughed.

Oak Mountain currently has an 18-5-4 record this season and are looking for two more wins to crown themselves 7A State Champions for the third straight year. Although, that will not be an easy feat with an upcoming Vestavia team that Oak Mountain tied 2-2 in the very first game of the season.

“Already playing them this season, and tying, will for sure fuel the fire. Playing them the first game of season, compared to now, each team has changed so much and every time we play Vestavia, it is a good match. So I know each team will be giving each other their all.”

The drive for a three-peat continues Friday, May 12th, at John Hunt Soccer Complex in Huntsville for the Final Four matchup against Vestavia at 3 p.m.