Soar Like an Eagle


Mary Elizabeth Lane, Staff Writer

This past week we have shared has been steeped in southern tradition. The sport of football started in Ivy League colleges in the northeastern United States, but it has since been phased out of the north and has become a southern staple.  The origins of homecoming  centered around football games and dances. Homecoming appeals to former students and encouraged them to come and support their schools. The exact origin is widely debated, but regardless, ever since it began, homecoming events have been profitable. To this day, a school’s homecoming game is among its most highly attended functions.

Our school practices many of the same traditions as the colleges that began what they called “coming home” celebrations. The homecoming floats and parades are a huge part of Oak Mountain High School. Only they aren’t just for show anymore. We compete for points and, it is a way to support your team.

This year we have competed against Spain Park. Coach Bell had a strategy that he put into place. He wanted to continue the strength of the defense and make sure players held the line scrimmage, and run consistently. While we did lose to Spain Park this year, the whole season has consisted of improvements. I have followed the whole season’s scores;  a team that plays together, stays together.