Kai Christenberry Featured on Fox 6: From Orphan to Athlete

Halle T, Staff Writer

One day, the Christenberry family received a phone call about a kid named Kai, hearing that he was a remarkable 13-year-old boy, and he was not going to have anywhere to live very soon. In China, Kai’s biological parents took him to an orphanage, but kids there are usually aged out of the system once they turn 14. Kai, being 13, was running out of time before most likely being thrown out onto the streets to fend for himself, maybe fortunate enough to get some sort of factory job.

But with the help of Lifeline Adoption Agency, Kai joined the Christenberry family in Birmingham. But Kai didn’t only join the Christenberry family, he also joined a different kind of family we call the OMHS football team.

Kai had never seen the game of football before joining, which never ceases to amaze his coaches and teammates. But the difference between the other players and Kai is that Kai cannot hear. Kai changes his team’s perspectives and lifts them up, showing qualities in both a person and player that many seem to lack. A moment that his team, coach, and Kai treasure is one from when Kai recovered from a fumble and got the ball for his team. He actually made sound, and it was one of joy. He has accomplished more than his team could have ever imagined in just a few months of playing a sport that he had never even seen before he came to Alabama.

The Christenberry family watching from the sidelines continues to support and cheer for Kai. As parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christenberry trusted in God and knew that God would not put them in a situation they couldn’t handle, and felt that they were in the right place to have Kai join their family. Kai has seven other siblings, which also view him as an

“He’s an inspiration to me, and I’m proud of him. He’s doing well [in football].” Selah, Kai’s sister said. “We have a good relationship,” she adds.

“He’s doing a great job in football,” Elise, another sister of Kai says. She adds, “We talk about everything.” Both sisters know sign language. But the brothers and sisters don’t stop there; Kai’s family on the football team also supports him and is inspired by Kai.

Kai continues to be a role model to others showing what most of the rest of society has lost walking through the halls at Oak Mountain, and I think the Christenberry’s and the football team would agree that we are all very lucky to have him.

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