New Mail System Created to Educate OMHS Special Needs Students


Brooke Molnar

Jewel Burger, Staff Writer

Ms. Brooke Molnar, a teacher at Oak Mountain, was led to pursue a career in special education during her sophomore year of high school, when she volunteered at a special education camp while on a mission trip in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Molnar is working towards creating a task for her special education students that will help them learn organization skills and help them navigate through Oak Mountain better. This new mail project will specifically help Kyle, who is confined to a wheelchair.

The project will give teachers a folder that they will put outside their classroom, and before school each morning, the special education classes will come around and pick up the mail to distribute it where it is set to go.

“It will be great practice, using [Kyle’s] power wheelchair. The goal is to know where places in the school are, so if we ask him to go somewhere he can get there. As well, all the students having a job skill, where they will work on looking at the mail and putting it in the correct place,” Ms. Molnar says describing the new job.

The special education students will likely go into the workforce after high school, and this will teach them work skills that they can utilize for working in a work office or the post office.

Ms. Molnar is very excited to make this happen for her special education classes, saying, “The whole reason for special education is to give them small victories. They might not catch all the way back up with people their age, but they learn every day, and all their hard work pays off. It makes you really proud to see how eager they are to learn new skills. It’s really exciting!”