Meet Mr. Jim Moore

Rachel Dykes, Editor-in-chief

As a child, Mr. Jim Moore’s family moved around constantly, but eventually, he graduated from Baker High School in Mobile, Alabama. Moving towards college, Mr. Moore graduated from South Alabama, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, in the fields of American Literature and European History. Currently, he teaches ninth grade General and Honors English, is the team sponsor for Youth in Government and the Varsity Coach of Scholar’s Bowl, and is a father to his two daughters, Abby and McKenna.

We asked Mr. Moore, who has been teaching for 19 and a half years, a few questions about himself:

Question: What do you like about Scholar’s Bowl?
Answer: “I just really enjoy the mental challenge, the randomness, and the problem solving. Though really, 99% of time it’s all about the kiddos and the relationships that we build together. I’m like an energy vampire, and I just love to be part of everything, haha!”

Question: What is your favorite novel to teach?
Answer: “To Kill a Mockingbird is great because it’s always relevant, but I also really like Feed; it’s just really raw.”

Question: Do you have a favorite quote?
Answer: “Yes! It’s an Ancient Chinese proverb that says, ‘Talking does not cook the rice.'”

Question: So earlier this year, you were selected as the Teacher of the Quarter and in the 2013-2014 school year, you were rewarded as the Teacher of the Year. What do those two awards mean to you?

Answer: “Being named the Teacher of the Year is extremely humbling because it implies that other teachers, who aren’t in your classroom, are hearing the positive things that other students say about you. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right!”

Question: Do you have any hobbies, outside of school?
Answer: “Of course! I’ve been playing the acoustic and the electric guitar for over 20 years.”

Question: What sports teams are you affiliated with at Oak Mountain High School?
Answer: “Well, I coached the Cross Country and Track teams for 16 years, and every single year that I coached, our team was never ranked less than top five in the state!”

Question: “When did you decided to become a teacher?
Answer: “I had a teacher in eighth grade, Mr. Butler, who taught on Lord of the Flies, and remember that being the time period when I realized that I had a gift for teaching.”