Get To Know Mrs. Posey

Rachel Dykes, Editor-in-chief

Mrs. Kristina Posey was born and raised in Helena, attending Pelham High School and graduating in 2005. After high school, she attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a year, before transferring and moving to the University of Montevallo. There, she received her undergraduate, Bachelor of Science in History and her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, with a concentration in Social Sciences.

Last year, Mrs. Posey joined the Oak Mountain faculty as a U.S. History teacher, before becoming the new AP Government teacher, in Mrs. Ashley Bahr’s place. Previous to working at Oak Mountain High School, Mrs. Posey taught eighth grade Ancient History at Chelsea Middle School. Currently, Mrs. Posey lives with her husband of two years, Daniel, and their Jack Russell, L.J. and cat, Alfred.

Question: What is your favorite historical time period to teach?
Answer: “Probably the Middle Ages, with the kings, the queens and the knights; everything is just so dramatic and exciting!”

Question: Do you have a specific historical figure who interests you?
Answer: “Oh, that would definitely have to be Henry VIII. He is so fascinating to me.”

Question: While at college, what did you originally want your job to be?
Answer: “I started out wanting to be a nurse, but I didn’t have the best experience at UAB, so I transferred. After that, I had a few great history professors, and they encouraged my teaching skills and my desire to learn.”

Question: Did you have a favorite teacher in high school?
Answer: “Yes! My World History teacher, Mrs. Pierce, was amazing. She really inspired my love of history.”

Question: What is your favorite thing about teaching?
Answer: “I really like getting to know my students personally. Seeing as how I’m a self-described history nerd, I love making everyday news relevant to them.”

Question: Have you traveled to any amazing places before?
Answer: “Oh definitely! I traveled to Germany and Austria in 2007, the Republic of Ireland in 2008, England in 2009, and Italy in 2010. I’ve definitely gotten really lucky in that aspect of my life. These trips are always so random; one was with my Great Aunt, another was with my graduate school, and one was even with my husband’s first cousin.”

Question: What do you like about traveling around the world?
Answer: “It’s all just really cool, getting to see the places that you’ve read about. It brings everything to life. I mean, I hugged the Coliseum! Travel is just awe inspiring.”

Question: Do you have any favorite books?
Answer: “Hmm, those would have to be Withering Heights and Pride and Prejudice.”

Question: What were your favorite subjects to learn about in school?
Answer: “I’ve always liked history and literature, but I also really like science too. At one point, one of my science teachers practically begged me to major in biology at school.”