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Soaring into SOAR60

Brooklynn Smith, Staff Writer

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Oak Mountain High School now provides students with more club time, more lunch time, more relaxation time, and most importantly, more study time! In order to make this possible our administrators planned an extra fifty minutes between fourth and sixth periods, Tuesday-Friday. We call this SOAR 60. I spoke with Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Barrett about their thoughts on SOAR 60 and here is what they had to say about it.

I first sat down with Mrs. Jackson and gathered her thoughts.

Do you think SOAR 60 is working well for our school so far?

“Absolutely, we have seen a decrease in discipline, grades are better, and the students are able to recharge and overall we want what is best for the students”.

What is your favorite part about having SOAR 60?

“Seeing the students interact with friends and now students can also do homework and they can eat lunch with their friends”.

How do you think the teachers and students are using SOAR 60?

“I think for the most part students are getting the help from teachers they are need and teachers are meeting with students to help them with their work. More students are getting interaction with clubs. Students spirits are not dragging like they were and I wanted to say a few things, first thing, not everyone needs to go and crowd the lunchroom. There will be plenty of food for everyone! Also, do not leave trash in the library or anywhere else. If students continue to do so we will be going to EA or Eagle Advisory everyday instead of SOAR 60.”

I then spoke with Ms. Barrett and here are her responses.

Where did you receive the idea of SOAR 60 from?

“Actually, a teacher, Mrs. Rath read an article on something from a different school called Power Hour”.

Do you think that students are using their time wisely?

“ Yes, students are doing their homework and taking tests and relaxing. Sometimes relaxing with your friends is also using your time wisely because you can better focus on school”.

Why did you choose to incorporate SOAR 60 into our school?

“It was a group decision but we made that decision because we feel that’s what is best for the students. We feel like it gives students more power and also socializing is very important in life.”

Do you think SOAR 60 will continue on at Oak Mountain?

“I think it will be as long as the students are respectful and manage their time wisely. I am proud of the students and how are they have responded with the freedom they have been given.”

So far students and teachers are taking advantage of this time to do the right things! If students can keep up the good work then our administrators will continue to give our school the freedom we want. Keep up the great work Eagles!!

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