Oak Mountain’s Homecoming Queen Crowned at Halftime


Halle T, Staff Writer

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This year the Oak Mountain homecoming court consisted of Grace Riddle, Erin Shaw, Sydney Gossett, and Grace Key, freshman; Meredith Edwards, Heather Hogan, Amanda Fredrick, and Caroline Hannum, sophomores; Patterson Johnston, Holley Moates, Lindsey Fisher, and Natalie Wendle, juniors; and Holly Sproull, Mandy Kelly, Gemma Garcia, and Amelia Walley, seniors.

At the homecoming game, September 27th, the official princesses of each grade and the homecoming queen were announced.

Homecoming freshman princess is Grace Riddle, sophomore princess is Meredith Edwards, junior princess is Patterson Johnston, and this year’s homecoming queen crowned by last year’s queen, Shelby King, is Holly Sproull. Congratulations to all of the homecoming court! Upon being crowned, Sproull said “It was an incredible honor to be chosen by my peers as Oak Mountain’s Homecoming Queen. It was a dream come true; I was so surprised. I am extremely proud and lucky to be a part of one of the best schools.”

The Homecoming Dance themed “Dancing Through the Decades” was held the following day, September 28th. The dance was held in the OMHS cafeteria, but it was as if it had changed into a whole new room. There was a DJ who played current, popular music and lights that changed colors with decorations covering the place. More and more people showed up throughout the night which made the dance even more enjoyable. “I enjoyed homecoming, my favorite part was getting to spend time with all my friends,” Meredith Edwards, sophomore princess says.

This year was yet another successful homecoming thanks to all participants and all OMHS Eagles; we hope you had a great homecoming week and an even better homecoming!