Blue Ribbon Bows Sold by Miss OMHS for Neglected Children

Blue Ribbon Bows Sold by Miss OMHS for Neglected Children

Myrah Taylor, senior and Miss Oak Mountain High School, was introduced to Grace House Ministries. It is a place that includes some girls that Myrah was able to talk to and hear their stories of neglect and abuse. She became so interested and passionate about it, that she created a brochure, titled Neglected and Abused Children. Myrah’s brochure is being used as an educational tool in various schools, influencing and affecting all that read it.

Through Oak Mountain Peer Assistants, Myrah held a Blue Ribbon fundraiser. She sold blue ribbon wristbands and bows. Sales also included t-shirts, with the words “One with Courage” printed on them. All of the funds were donated to Owens House. Owens House is Shelby County’s Child Advocacy Center.

“It [the fundraiser] raises money to provide clothes and food, and also my platform as Miss America,” Myrah said.

The point of the wristbands, bows, and t-shirts was not only to show support and help the cause, but to also let more people know about the issue of neglect and abuse children still go through today.

“I hope for more awareness in the community,” Myrah adds, “and for people to not be afraid to stand up.”