OMHS Student Spotlight – McKenna Moore


Meredith Howell, Staff Writer

McKenna Moore, a ninth grade student at Oak Mountain High School and a member of the Spirit of Cahaba Marching Band, Scholar’s Bowl, and Junior Classical League. She has a different view of the school because, aside from being a student, she is also the child of a teacher at the high school.  Her favorite class is AP World History with Mr. Croom, who is also her favorite teacher because of “how well versed he is with what he is teaching.”

When asked about her experience having her dad as her teacher, she said, “ it is interesting seeing a different side of him… and how respected he is at the school.” They try to keep school and home separate, but the dynamic when they’re together is easygoing and fun.  Being put into classes with teachers that she has known through her father is “a drawback and a plus because there is a natural relationship, but they can also tell my dad about how I’m doing as a student.”

“Because I ran around the hallways as a kid, it was very easy to get used to being here everyday, and I was very comfortable in the building itself; I didn’t have to be worried about finding my classes,” she said about the first weeks of the school year at the high school. Along with the faculty, the band “feels like a big family and a team that shares a common  goal to always give our best in every performance and practice,” she told me, “ it is really fun combining some of my favorite people and music together into this awesome atmosphere.”

McKenna’s favorite aspects of the school are the opportunities, and “diverse clubs,” that are offered to the student body that are unique from the opportunities that other schools have available.  She admires the way that “the administration stresses taking part in the school, but also focusing on academics.”

I told her to imagine that her father wasn’t a teacher here and that she didn’t grow up in the building, and asked her if she would consider going to another high school instead, “Definitely not. I think, in general, this atmosphere is a lot friendlier than what I have experienced in other schools, and there is less drama here than in other schools.”