Students Return!


Evelyn Monroy, Staff Writer

All students at Oak Mountain High School returned back to school on August 7, 2018 to begin their new school year!

As the students return, Oak Mountain High School is doing their best to make sure new students feel comfortable. For the first week of school students will be going to their designated Eagle Advisory when they are supposed to, but only during their lunch time. The reason for this being done is to let freshman get used to going through the lunchline and seeing how things work.

A new policy that Oak Mountain High School has applied is their change for their BYOD policy. There are many opinions for this new policy, however the policy is to make sure kids begin to pay attention and not let their devices be a distraction from their education.

Throughout these students high school year, they should experience a lot of fun! Students will now be able to actually socialize rather than being stuck on their device.

We hope and wish students a fantastic school year filled with many memories!