A Trip to Italy

Mia Debeljuh, Staff Writer

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My name is Mia Debeljuh. I am from Croatia and in the previous year I visited many sites in Europe. One of my favorite trips was a road trip that I took with my dad to Italy.


Italy is a beautiful country located in the southern part of Europe. Many of its cities are listed in Europe’s top cities to visit. I visited Venice, Pisa, Florence, and Rome. My favorite two cities were Venice and Rome.


In Venice a must see is the Grand Canal whose bridges have beautiful views of the city itself. One of the most famous activities you can do in Venice is gondola riding which is very relaxing and is the best way to explore the city.


Rome is a beautiful, ancient city. I fell in love with the beautiful designs on all the old buildings. People play soft music in the streets that is also very relaxing and usually blocks out the traffic noise. I recommend visiting the amphitheater and trying the famous Italian pizza on the main street “Via Del Corso”. Some of my favorite parts of Rome were the “Piazza Venezia” (The Venice Square) and the Old Ruins.


It was a very long drive to get to these beautiful cities from where I lived, but I enjoyed sleeping on the long drives. I would recommend to everyone to go visit Italy if you get a chance.

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